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Coraline Fic: Going to a Desert Unknown
Going to A Desert Unknown

Puberty is gross and mystifying, even when you have somebody to share it with. Or maybe especially when you do. Coraline/Wybie. Some sexual situations, not for children.

Sequel to Kappa! (all my Coraline stories are related).

Coraline Fic: Kappa!
Not sure if anybody still visits this comm, but I'll give it a go...


Ashland, Oregon, the center of weirdness for the entire planet. Apparently. And some creatures even refuse to behave according to their own mythological rules. Coraline/Wybie, but only kind of.

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[xxxHolic] Ghosts in your lungs.
[24] Coraline

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Her Name is Alice - a Coraline Fanvid
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Neil Gaiman is my favourite author, by far, but Coraline is one of those rare moments where a film outdoes a book. Although all things considered, Gaiman wrote the book and the film and the plots for both are insanely different, a lot like his book Nevewhere and the BBC show that came first (little known fact). Henry Selick is also a movie genius, so it was great fun to work with Coraline to make a video about her. The song is "Her Name is Alice" by Shinedown, from the Almost Alice soundtrack - a collection of songs based on Tim Burton's new movie. So I'm quite pleased; Henry Selick and Tim Burton, teaming up again. ^^ In a round-about sort of way. But I think this songs fits pretty well with the 'game' that Coraline and the Beldamn play at the end, especially. Comments appreciated! ^^

Help needed.
I've just joined today and thought I'd write a introductory post.
Hello, my name is Stephanie. *waves*

I do have a question though and it has been bugging me for the past hour.
I've been looking on google for Coraline merchandise. I haven't had much luck. Amazon only have two items, Forbidden Planet have nothing and most of the websites that come up on google aren't all that good.

I do know of a comic/anime shop that sells some figurines but it's an hour and a half drive and was wondering if anyone knew of any good websites or shops that have online webistes.

(Note: I'm from the UK)
Apologies if there has been a previous post about this.

[fanfic] Another Coraline ||Chapter 4||
Coraline - too close
Title: Another Coraline
Author: tobu_ishi
Rating: PG for mild profanity and frightening situations.
Notes: Sequelfic, set seven years after the original.
Summary: It was hard enough trying to figure out who she was and what she wanted--any eighteen-year-old would agree. But Coraline wasn't any eighteen-year-old, and the Other World wasn't about to let her go that easily.

Branches scraped harshly on the window, and Wybie turned over, huddling uneasily into his pillow.Collapse )

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